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This Is What I Know - Be Yourself

Writing about myself is about as uncomfortable as a first date. I asked myself what is it that you would like to know about me. Well you probably want to know about my credentials, qualifications and experiences all of which will help you to gain confidence that the information you are seeking is coming from someone who lives this lifestyle and practices what she preaches. Then I thought- is that really going to tell you enough about who I really am and why I am here? I will share with you all of the above but first I would like to start with the journey of becoming Laurie Orlando Wellness. 

I am…

A mom of a beautiful daughter who is not just the love of my life but my reason for being the best version of me that I can be.

A daughter with loving parents who did their very best. Let’s be honest kids do not come with a set of instructions.

A big sister to a younger brother who seemed to always have the same answer to the question- Who broke this? “Not Me”.

A friend, whose hearts I hold close in my heart, who I stand by, stand with, stand for, support, and love

A teacher, sharing what I’ve learned with my students, clients, and community hoping to inspire them to create the changes necessary to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

A student, always open to learning and improving myself by experiencing all that life has to offer and growing from the lessons.

A leader,holding space for those around me and leading by example with integrity, vulnerability and authenticity.

A healer,as an empath I find my joy in helping others and being in service. I am aware of energy and know that we are more than what is seen on the surface. As an intuitive I am sensitive to the needs of others. Healing allows light to come through us. When we heal, we help the whole world heal. 

~ Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

So that is a peek into who I am. This is what I do…

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  • B.S. Health Science/Psychology – Hodges University

  • Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness – International Sports Science Association

  • Licensed Massage Therapist – Florida Licensed and National Board Certified with Certifications in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Ashiatsu, Swedish, Cupping, Reiki and Pregnancy Therapies 

  • Certified Yoga Instructor 500 RYT – Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor – Foundation Training LLC

  • Certified Health Coach – U.S. Health Foundation

  • Certified therapeutic Yoga and Exercise Modification for Seniors – Duke Integrative Medicine 

  • Certified in Sports Nutrition – American Fitness Professionals & Associates

  • Certified Rehab Fitness Specialist – International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association

Journey To Laurie Orlando Wellness

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I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for more than 23 years and it was through my own personal journey that I’ve discovered my passion for wellness; to be clear, I wasn’t always fit or healthy. It took a comment from my 4-year-old daughter to point that as she was getting bigger, I was having trouble picking her up. It was then that I realized I wanted and needed to be a better role model and the best mom I can be for her. The more I learned about myself the more I wanted to learn. It was at this time while training for fitness competitions in the mid 90’s I decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified in Sports Nutrition. 

As I continued to grow and change I found myself hungry for more knowledge. I was on this fitness high and wanted to share my experience and knowledge with everyone; my family, friends and clients and introduce them to this incredible new healthy lifestyle. 

After moving to Florida from NJ in 2000 I continued learning and received Certifications in Exercise Modification and Rehabilitation, Health Coaching and Reiki while building my wellness business. It was right around this time when I found myself on a mat in my first yoga class (loved it) but I’ll get to that in a moment. In 2009 I drove my beautiful; now grown daughter to Florida State University and decided it was time for me to get my degree too. Four years later I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Hodges University. During my last year at Hodges an opportunity to learn how to teach yoga opened and I went through my first 200 hr. Teacher Training. I was surprised to find that although I loved practicing power yoga I didn’t feel the calling to teach it. I wanted to teach to students that had varying issues; age related or other. Such as injuries, illness, accidents, surgery, cardiovascular, pulmonary, balance, joint replacements, fall prevention and more. In 2013 I went through Duke’s Integrative Medicine Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors program and it was there once again I found my passion. The following year I completed 500-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). 

There’s more… in 2015 I was in a car accident. As I was stopped at a traffic light the car behind me was distracted and didn’t see the line of cars stopped at the intersection. She never put the brakes on and hit me from behind. I came away from that accident with 3 slipped disks at C5 C6 and C7; I also had an annular tear between L4, L5. For almost 2 years I had constant migraines and chronic back and neck pain. This accident changed my life. It took me out of the gym, off my yoga mat and out of my massage practice.  I was desperate to find something to give me relief other than the recommended surgery; so I did my research and found Foundation Training. I decided this could be my answer, so I went to this spinal decompression FT Certification last year and I am beyond grateful to say that I am now living without chronic pain. I teach Foundation Training with a whole heart to anyone who is into feeling good, into fitness or into preforming at higher levels. This movement training is an accessory to everything else you do, and I am living moving proof it works.

Thanks for taking the time to visit,
Laurie Orlando