I have enjoyed massage therapy for over 50 years. It relaxes, calms and eases pain. Laurie Orlando is certainly the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.
— Alan R.

I have been working with Laurie for the past 10 years, initially for a good massage after a round of golf then over the years expanding to include all of her modalities - Massage Therapy, Yoga and Foundation Training. Over these years through her amazing experience, personality & fitness knowledge expanding to personal training and Health Coaching has become an integral part my fitness journey, lifestyle change and loosing over 100 lbs, I’m more fit now than ever at 67 years old. Thank you Laurie for your teaching, knowledge sharing and true irresistible mind body fitness inspiration!
— Jean H.

Foundation Training is unlike any other type of workout or rehabilitation.  It truly focuses on the muscles and physiology necessary to heal injury or alleviate chronic pain. As a long time athlete who has suffered several injuries including tearing both ACL’s in my knees, tearing my left QL muscle in my low back, and suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Foundation Training, coupled with deep tissue massage, has been the only therapy that has provided relief and dramatically reduced pain.  Laurie Orlando is incredibly knowledgeable, conscientious, and a tremendous role model!  I highly recommend Foundation Training and Laurie to anyone wishing to alleviate pain and truly strengthen their core muscles without the possibility of further damage.
— Kathy

I have been bothered for 50 years with lower back pain I have and continue to use massage therapy, Pilates, weight and cardio training, stretching, and chiropractic adjustments. Last week I went to my first class in Foundation Training and after just one session of manageable, easy to follow exercises my back felt better than it had in years. I am sold.
— Alan R.

I have been attending Laurie’s therapeutic yoga classes for over three years, and Laurie has changed my life.  She is so knowledgeable and has the ability to help each of her students with any muscle/joint issues they have. My career involved sitting at a desk and using a computer all day long.  After 40 plus years, my back and shoulders were giving me a lot of pain.  It was so bad that I was seeing a chiropractor about twice a week. Now I  am more aware of my body and have learned from Laurie what I need to do to keep healthy. She is fantastic!
— Ginny

I’ve had the honor & pleasure of working with Laurie for the past 4 years & am so very grateful for that opportunity. Her depth of knowledge of how the body works coupled with her passion for delivering the highest level of service is extraordinary. I reached out to Laurie after a knee replacement & it’s been life changing. Even my surgeon is thrilled with my range of motion thanks to Laurie’s commitment & guidance.

Laurie has dedicated her life to improving the health & wellness of her clients. She helps you build your strength, improve your balance & adds wellness advice to radically improve your overall health. Because she’s always adding to her skill base, she’s fantastic at getting to the root of what’s really creating your weaknesses & pain.

Laurie meets you at your level & has the knowledge to make modifications to vary the degree of difficulty based on your strength, comfort level & endurance while challenging you to be your best self.

If you’re looking to make a difference in your life, I’d highly recommend you reaching out to Laurie. She’s been an amazing blessing in my life.
— Vicki T.