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Fitness & Wellness Coaching In Southwest Florida

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Meet Laurie

Before I tell you about my credentials, qualifications and experiences, I would like to start by sharing my journey of becoming Laurie Orlando Wellness…

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Foundation Training

Foundation Training not only improves coordination but also alleviates chronic pain. Laurie is the only Certified Foundation Training Instructor in Southwest Florida…

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Yoga For Seniors

Each and every one of us is aging every day. Yoga is a wonderful way to feel empowered to take our health into our own hands at any age…

Group & Private Classes


Last week I went to my first Foundation Training class and after just one session of manageable, easy to follow exercises my back felt better than it had in years. I am sold.
— Alan R.
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Laurie’s Services

Foundation Training

Wellness Coaching

Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga

Massage Therapy

Balance & Strength Training

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